ReStart 3:20

Low Barrier Day & Emergency Homeless Shelter

Opening Doors For All The Homeless
From Friday at 5:30 PM – Sunday at 7:30 PM

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Upcoming Fundraisers

Our Mission is to give the homeless a hand up, not a handout, to restart their lives and become a contributing member of the community.

Check out the upcoming fundraisers we have:

Movie Night

Restart will also stay open on Saturdays for clients to have a night off the street.  Sponsor a ReStart client for $100 for a month and help us make a difference for those who deserve help.

Compete For Charity

ReStart’s Danny Levison will be competing against my sister, the infamous Souper Jenny, in a Sprint Triathlon, for charity. The winner receives 70% of our combined contributed money and second place (nobody really loses) gets 30%.

Learn how ReStart3:20 plans to improve the lives of the homeless.

ReStart3:20 In The News

The Day Before Thanksgiving

Meeting the needs of the homeless

Your church or service organization can use the ReStart 3:20 facility to provide for those most in need in our community.

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