What is ReStart3:20?

Our organization, CRE Holdings, saw a need and a problem in our community, a need that we felt our team of skilled real estate professionals could make a dramatic impact in improving and possibly helping to solve, that only by the grace of God, we don’t find ourselves in.

What is Our Mission?

ReStart3:20 is a community center which was created to open doors to a path for the homeless. Our mission is to give the homeless, a hand up not a hand out, to restart their lives and become a contributing member of their community.

ReStart320’s Philosophy & Methodology (Approach to Solving the Problem)

Provide clients immediate assistance of food and clothing

Help clients get off the street
We work with faith based organizations and various non-profits including Gateway Center, Atlanta Mission, United Way,/span>, and City of Atlanta’s Partners for Home Continuum of Care.

Help clients determine their needs through a strategic assessment
Approx. 30% of our clients have physical or psychological disabilities that have caused their plight. 

From the assessment, we attempt to meet our clients’ short term needs
These short term needs include rapid housing and 
permanent or temporary work. We partner with organization, such as 1st Step and GeorgiaWorks, to accomplish these short term needs

Once employed. we assist in finding or, in the future, providing, permanent housing for clients.
This is where REAL change takes place and our clients become contributing members of their community. We believe once a person has a “home”, even if it’s a single occupancy residence, they will begin to take pride in that home and themselves.  We believe that if we apply the Maslow hierarchy of need to our clients, there will be a cumulative success. And, ReStart’s team personally believes that the highest level of this hierarchy cannot take place without some spiritual influence.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Need

Make Plans to visit the ReStart facility

What the Road Ahead Looks Like


GOAL: Create a Strong Foundation by Meeting the Immediate Needs

ReStart has created Saturday programs to feed, provide life skills and medical support to the homeless in the City of Atlanta.

ReStart will also create special events and volunteer activities through various partnerships with Project LiveLove, Crossroad, and other nonprofits to fund the organization. See our Calendar of Events for these opportunities.


GOAL: Build Upon Success by Addressing the Short Term Issues

ReStart will create a low barrier to entry day shelter in the front of their facility at 561 West Whitehall Street, SW Atlanta, Georgia 30310 to provide showers, laundry facilities and lockers so Atlanta homeless can restart their day with a shower and clean clothes – basics of life that most of us take for granted.

ReStart will continue special events and volunteer activities through various partnerships to fund the organization


GOAL: Open Doors to Full Community Participation by Creating Permanent Housing Options

Our primary mission is to, over the next two decades, create an additional 500 single occupancy housing units to help provide permanent homes and rapid housing for Atlanta’s homeless.  

Why single occupancy housing – because 75% of the homeless are individuals.

ReStart will continue special events and volunteer activities through various partnerships to fund this long-term goal of the organization.

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