Restart320 Partners with Crossroads Ministries and Georgia Corrections Agency to provide financial literacy courses.

Phase I of our campaign partners Restart320 with Crossroads Ministries and the Georgia Corrections Agency is to teach financial literacy skills to Georgia Retuning Citizens and the unhomed.

The initial financial literacy program will be taught at the Georgia ReEntry facility. It is one of the only facilities in the country where all inmates qualify for release, as returning citizens, within the next 36 months. The goal is to begin teaching in person in February 2024.

The ReEntry facility currently houses 329 returning citizens and has a maximum capacity of 352. During any given six-month period approximately 28-30 individuals would typically qualify for release within 18 months.

Phase II of our program involves teaching our financial literacy course through our affiliations with Crossroads Ministries and The Veterans Empowerment Organization (VEO). Part of our program with Crossroads and the VEO will involve being available onsite bi-monthly to work one on one with their clients who desire a more one on one approach.

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